Order of Protection filed by Edward “Ned” Lines

Order of Protection filed by Edward "Ned" Lines against Betty Krachey based on FALSE ALLEGATIONS in Sevierville, TN

page one of the Order of Protection that was filed by Edward “Ned” Lines – Broker/Realtor of Mountain Lake Realty in Sevierville TN – against Betty Krachey, based on FALSE ALLEGATIONS. Ned did this because Betty refused to sign over her half of the house they built and paid for together by signing it over to Ned Lines by Quit Claim Deed. Ned thought this Order of Protection was going to be his answer to steal everything she had with the help of Sevier County Tennessee.

On the first page – Ned even LIED and under my employment he wrote NONE.  I owned my own business that I ran for 14 years and sold it in 2012.  I decided to take a couple months off from working and took part-time jobs to stay busy in Feb of 2013.  At the time when this BS order of protection was taken out by Ned I was working THREE part-time jobs (two that I’ve worked at over a year and 6 months, one for a year and the other 2 months).  I work at Walgreens – on call, Omnicom – Marketing for LG, Impact – Merchandising and SRG – Merchandising!  
What his point was about falsifying that, I have no idea!!

Order of Protection

page two of the Order of Protection that was filed by Edward “Ned” Lines – in Sevierville TN – against Betty Krachey, based on FALSE ALLEGATIONS.

Second page – The only way to get the truth out of Ned is to make him think he’s caught & I told him people had seen him with someone trying to get the truth out of him.  I knew I was right because he was so worried.  Plus, if I wasn’t right he wouldn’t have asked me if I was having someone follow him & he wouldn’t have been so concerned.  I even told him – No, I’m not having anyone one follow you, I promise!!!

He says I had “threatened to destroy our house 8-12”, what he tried to use against me was a text message I sent him on Tue 8/12 at 9:25am saying – “what are you so scared of? I just want to know the truth. If your not lying I don’t know why your so scared.” Then (I was on my way to work, even though he swore that I have no job) and the text I sent him right after was in green because I was NOT even at home & he knows that’s why it was green & not blue – “Tell me who she is or I’ll rip this house apart!!!”
That text was sent 2 weeks and 5 days before he swore to lies to get the order of protection against me & the house was NOT ripped apart & he knew it!!! He was just using every and anything he could against me!! Anyone interested in seeing the text, let me know.

- He said I had “threatened & harassed him via phone/text since early Aug. Sometimes 20 calls in an hour”.  Well, I knew I had called him a lot on the Wed when he first set me up, but I had a hard time believing it was TWENTY TIMES IN ONE HOUR!! So – I called AT&T and told them I need my itemized phone bill as soon as possible – and NEVER did I even call him 20 times in ONE day & I have the phone bill to prove it & to prove HE swore to another lie!! Anyone interested in seeing the phone bill, let me know.

The reason I had shown up at his office the ONE time on Wed 8/27/14 aprox 9:45pm (he left our house that day after 8:15pm) was because he was acting so weird that night, I wanted to know what his problem was & why he was refusing my calls.  He knew I was on my way up to his office – I told him I was on my way  – and that’s when he started his next plan.  He wasn’t answering his phone because he was hoping to make me mad & me send him nasty texts that he could use against me.  When that didn’t work he locked himself in his office when he knew I was coming up. I was knocking and asking him to open the door & told him that I didn’t care who he had in there with him (we weren’t together at the time any way – we were over Wed 7/30) I just wanted to know what his problem was, this time. And I NEVER “demanded that he let me in” I didn’t even want in, I just wanted him to come to the door! Then two policemen are pulling up!! Turns out Ned was in his office on the phone with the police letting them listen to me knocking on his door.  When I asked the one policeman why he called them, he kinda rolled his eyes and said because he fears for his life from you.  I asked him if he was for real & he smiled & said yes! I left and went home – then at 10:18pm NED CALLS ME!! We talked for 21 minutes and I told him I can not believe how low he’s become.  When we got off the phone I called the police dept & told them to have the officer who was at his office to call me immediately.  I told him that I was set up & what had went on earlier that day & that right after they left he called me. He advised me to NOT take his calls any more.  I didn’t want nothing more to do with him after that, I’ve never thought so little of anyone as I did & still do of Ned Lines.  I blocked & deleted his number from my phone that night!
*Another thing – he still owes me $320 for this phone he claims I called 20 times in an hour!!
– Where he claims that I “have made the statement that I will gladly lose everything to make sure that he has nothing 8-25”, he’s referring to another text from Mon 8/25 at 11:57am He sends me a text saying “We need to figure out the house”. 
I text – “I thought we had it figured out”. 
He texts  – “So did I originally. but you change it all the time”. 
I text  – “Nope. Not changing anything.” 
He texts – “So tell me the deal”. 
I text – “I guess your suing me & gonna make me lose everything I’ve got coming. That was your last threat.” (that was a threat he made to me over & over if I didn’t sign my half of our house over to him)
He texts – “I never said any of that. You said you wanted to make sure I lose everything no matter what it takes.  Either way. You tell me what you thing is FAIR.”
I text – “I’m not signing over my part of the house”
He texts – “Go on….You meant to me. But you’ll sign it over to the bank anytime”
I text – “The bank or no one else, has EVER treated me the way I’ve let you treat me!!!”

You see – Ned was wanting me to sign over my part of the house & I was going to until I had a bad feeling about it & found out he was lying to me and trying to bully me out of my half of our house.  He was wanting me to sign over my part to him by doing a Quick Claim Deed.  After talking to a real estate attorney I found out that since he can’t get the house refinanced in his name and my name taken off – I would be giving up MY rights to the house BUT if he couldn’t make the payments I WOULD STILL BE RESPONSIBLE because my name would still be on the mortgage.  So, who’d be getting the “good deal” with doing it Ned’s way – NED, of course!!! He’s the one who told me “This is going to be the best deal your going to get, if you don’t take it you’ll lose everything you’ve worked for, watch and see, I promise you that”!

page three of the Order of Protection that was filed by Edward “Ned” Lines – in Sevierville TN – against Betty Krachey, based on FALSE ALLEGATIONS.

Third page – Ned and everyone who knows me KNOWS I would NEVER HURT MY DOGS OR ANY ANIMAL!! (I have 72 Character reference letters – 11 of them from HIS friends & customers.)
The dogs were NOT “our dogs” they are MY dogs!! My name is on their AKC papers, microchips, insurance, and DPCA papers.  I pay their vet bills, insurance and buy their food and what ever else they need.  Ned just bought them unhealthy treats I didn’t want them to have.
He was using MY dogs because he knows they are the only thing I truly care about and he wanted to hurt me by using them – and that’s the ONLY reason he wanted anything to do with trying to take MY DOG from me!!!!!!
He writes “I’m concerned that she will physically harm me”
I wonder why he was so “concerned” after we were NOT even living together for almost a month and had NO contact for two days before he swore to lies to get this order of protection. It’s kinda strange that we lived together for 22+ years and he never had these concerns before, but when he knows he can’t trick me into staying with him any longer and paying half the bills and half the house, all of a sudden he has these concerns.  This should have really concerned the magistrate at Sevier County and the Judge who granted him this order of protection!  BUT even though I had told the magistrate – the day before Ned did this – what was going on and that I was told the order of protection was his next plan, NOT one single time did anyone from Sevier County talk to me about this! After my potion was brought to their attention they’re wanting to talk now.

**You can see where Ned checked that I was to “Move-out of our family home immediately”.  He knew I had no where to go, but didn’t care!  He  only thinks of himself and his needs & wants.  He had been staying at his office, which is actually a small house, he has a bedroom, kitchen, living room, garage, bathroom, everything he needs there!! All I had was the house I had been living in and never left! If it wasn’t for my lawyer I would not have been able to go back to my own home till this went to court on Sept 12.


page four of the Order of Protection that was filed by Edward “Ned” Lines – in Sevierville TN – against Betty Krachey, based on FALSE ALLEGATIONS.

Fourth page – Ned REALLY blew his top when he saw my Facebook post!! It was NOT a scandal – every single thing I posted was the truth & he knows it.  And there was nothing morally or legally wrong with anything I wrote in my post, so I’m not sure what he’s referring to as a scandal. I left so much out of my post and have so much more to say!  I was even told by my lawyer Ned wants me to “give up my freedom of speech & not say anything about him”! I know for a fact (I have the proof) that he has lied about ME to his “friends” on Facebook & elsewhere, so I just wanted people to hear MY side of why I left him, not just his side.  Some people can not handle the truth and are happy living a lie their whole lives.  I still have the post, I just deactivated it because I had tagged over 200 people and people were getting too many messages and it was easier to just deactivate the post than untag all the people.


This is the Mutual Restraining Order Betty Krachey and Edward “Ned” Lines got from Sevier County, TN on the court date for Order of Protection Ned Lines filed based on FALSE ALLEGATIONS.

We went to court Friday September 12, 2014.  The order of protection was dropped and as of now we have mutual restraining orders.  I did not get to even talk to the judge and to date Ned Lines has not had to pay any consequences for filing a false vindictive report and swearing to lies to get this order of protection.  This is wrong and laws need to be changed immediately or people like Ned  will continue to use these laws against innocent people to gain control over them!  I know too many people this has happened to in Sevier County, TN besides just me. And it’s time we do something about this!  False accusers need to be punished severely for using order of protections in vindictive ways. Order of Protections are for true victims of domestic violence!  I understand that the reason might not be obvious at first & the order granted, but when it can be proven they were used in ways they weren’t meant for, the false accuser needs to pay serious consequences for using the system to their advantage and filing a false report against an innocent person & wasting court time!


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