STOP False Allegations to get order of protections in Tennessee!

CfdFOPhcGizZYGX-556x313-noPad I started a petition to bring to the attention of Jimmy Dunn, TN district attorney, and others – the need to get the laws changed for the way Order of Protections are handled. If an order of protection, even temporarily, is granted based on FALSE allegations the person making the false claims needs to be held accountable.

I (Betty Krachey) had an order of protection against me, taken out by Edward “Ned” Lines, on Friday August 29, 2014 – Labor Day weekend. It was based on lies that Ned Lines swore to to get me forced out of my home after I refused to sign my half of our home over to Ned – by Quit Claim Deed. I had talked one of the Sevier County Magistrates just the day before (the magistrate and a public defender tried to get me to take out an order of protection against Ned, that morning, but I didn’t)  and told him I had heard rumors Ned was getting ready to do this to me and told him everything that was going on but Sevier County, TN  STILL gave Ned Lines the order of protection against me. Ned Lines & I hadn’t had any contact of any kind since the Wed before he filed the report based on lies – I had even deleted & blocked his number out of my phone that day! Ned had moved out of our home (his choice) August 6, 2014 – so we weren’t even in the same home! He had another place to stay and Ned knew I had no where to go! Ned had made me the promise earlier in the month – he looked me in the eyes and said “You watch and see, I WILL be back in that house by the end of the month, you watch and see”. So Ned had this planned for awhile before he did this to me and I had even told that to the magistrate and a few others at the court house the Thursday before I was served with Ned’s order of protection.

**An example of a false report can be found in the Circuit Court of Sevier County, TN Case #14-0P-253 filed on Friday, August 29, 2014 at 12:40pm by Edward (Ned) Bernard Lines.

Anyone wishing to speak to General Dunn should call his Administrative Assistant Stephanie Gray. (865) 429-7021 EXT. 103

Link to Petition:

Order of Protection that was filed against me by Edward “Ned” Lines in Sevier County, TN


16 responses to “STOP False Allegations to get order of protections in Tennessee!

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    • It happens everywhere, I just started the petition in TN because that’s where it was allowed to happen to me. Since I started my website and petition I’m finding out it happens in other countries as well. It’s too bad people are allowed to continue to do this to innocent people just to gain control and ruin lives. The “man” who served me with an order of protection, claiming he feared I would cause him “physical harm”, wasn’t even living in our home at the time. We were roommates for over 20 years and he never had these “concerns” till I wanted to move out and that was his boyfriend’s advice to him to get me forced out of my home and him to gain control of everything, including MY dog!

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  2. What is extremely insidious is that false accusers are not even held accountable for perjury. If such false protection orders were punished, fewer people would abuse them, I believe.

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    • YES! I’ve been trying, with the help of others, to get laws changed to hold false accusers accountable for trying to ruin an innocent person’s life. Been working on this for going on two years now. Women’s groups (VAWA is one of them) that are holding us back from getting this law changed. I am NOT against order of protections/restraining orders – just people who are allowed to use them for reasons they were not meant to be used for. Maybe the falsely accused need to start going after groups that are making it so easy for vindictive ex’s to go after innocent people who did nothing to deserve what happened to them over these false order of protections!

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  3. Actually, there is another article I would like to share, this time external. It is about a German court, which fined a wrong accuser several tens of thousands of euros for making false rape allegations. I had written a short article about it on my blog, but I feel bad if I only promote my own blog in each and every comment, so here is the original, long version:

    For the TL;DR version you can still check out my blog:

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