Ned Lines buys At Home Drug Test

The shit with Ned Lines just keeps going on.  Now I find out he bought a 12 Panel At Home Drug Test on MY Walgreens Rewards card using MY discount!  This was done Wed, 11/19/14 at 11:28 pm.  The total was $70.05 and was paid $40 in cash and $30.05 was put on an American Express Pre-paid Debit card (in the video it looks like it was Ned’s regular debit card). We have NOT been in the same home since August 6th so why was he using MY card & MY discount!  Walgreens has security cameras that show him and a girl, Lacy Miller, paying for it (Ned even let Lacy carry out the case of water while he took the bag – what a man)!

I was told by D.C. Ned was in this Walgreens about a week before with a young waitress in a Chop House uniform, Lacy Miller, and she thought she heard Lacy call Ned daddy and she did hear Lacy say to Ned “you were a lot friendlier before I found out you were gay”.  D.C. said they were both acting strange when they were in the store.

I’ve had people ask me if Ned’s on drugs because of the strange way he’s been acting and how rough he’s been looking – I don’t know and don’t give a shit what he’s doing – but to those of you in Sevier County wanting to know – here’s you a clue!  I have been told one of the waitresses he’s been dicking, Lacy Miller, has been in jail and is now on probation – so maybe he’s buying it for her, I don’t know that, either  – but I DO know – they should NOT have used MY discount for their drug test, munchies, and other shit! Ned has NO BUSINESS EVER punching in MY phone number for anything!! I don’t want him texting me (he can’t call me because I have him blocked & deleted), emailing me or contacting my friends & family EVER AGAIN – NO CONTACT MEANS NO CONTACT – I didn’t think it was that hard to understand – if it is, all Ned needs to do is read the order of protection he filed against me based on his lies. And I sure don’t want him using MY phone number to get my discount for his beer (purchased at a West Knoxville Walgreens Sat 8/23/14), drug tests and any other shit he’s buying for him and whatever he’s with at the moment!  I don’t use (nor do I want to) Ned’s discount at The Chop House in Kodak for free food and drinks from the bar that he brags to people about getting!

I work at Walgreens on-call and Ned Lines was NOT given permission by me to punch my phone number in & use MY discount!  I don’t want a Drug Test on MY card – I don’t do drugs and have no reason for an at home drug test, but Walgreens doesn’t know that! Luckily Walgreens has security cameras and the store on Forks of the River in Sevierville still has the videos and was able to get several pictures printed off of him and one of his waitresses, Lacy Miller for me and I’ve also got a copy of the DVR video!

To think Sevier County, TN granted a person like Ned Lines an Order of Protection on me based on Ned’s lies. Who knows what he was on, besides testosterone, when he and his “special friend” put that plan into action. This is just more proof that Ned Lines is a fraud! I’ll take a drug test any day and I don’t have to buy at home drug tests to make sure I’m clean before hand!

UPDATE: Heather, who works for United Auto Recovery, went to Ned’s office/house, on Old Mill Rd, a few weeks ago to repo his Cadillac Escalade.  She said the young girl who answered the door acted like she didn’t even know who Ned Lines was.  I told her if she knew Ned she wouldn’t want to admit to it either, especially after hearing all the weird crap I’ve been hearing about him! And I told her from what I hear that young girl is doped up out of her mind & has no idea where she’s at or who she’s with – Heather said that was the impression she got from her!  From what I hear Ned’s failing in more ways than one at being a sugar daddy. And now that his Cadillac’s been repossessed (3/2/15) he’s got one less thing to impress young waitstaff & trailer trash gutter sluts with – you can imagine how easily these types are to impress, anyway!

Click here to see MY Walgreens Rewards print outNed Lines & Lacy Miller’s receipt for Drug Test on MY Walgreens card

Ned Lines buys 12 Panel At Home Drug Test

Ned Lines buys 12 Panel At Home Drug Test using MY Walgreens discount for one of his young waitresses – Lacy Miller