FALSE Order of Protection Filed by Edward “Ned” Lines in Sevierville TN

 Edward (Ned) Bernard Lines – in Sevier County, Tennessee on Friday, August 29, 2014 (case #14-OP-253) -based on FALSE allegations:


Page 1 of  Order of Protection that was my last gift from Edward “Ned” Bernard Lines

Page One:

Under “Respondent’s Employer:” Ned Lines wrote NONE.

At the time when Edward “Ned” Lines filed this order of protection against me I was working THREE part-time jobs. I have no idea what Ned’s point was for lying about my employment, but then again I have no idea why Ned lied about most to the things he did lie about!

I worked and paid my OWN way the whole time I lived with Ned Lines! I owed and worked at The Dam Store in Sevierville, TN for 14 years till I sold it in Dec of 2012.


Page 2 of Order of Protection with false allegations that were sworn to by Edward “Ned” Bernard Lines in Sevierville, TN

Page Two:

Ned assumed I was having him followed because I confronted him about him cheating on me. He seemed surprised that I knew and he denied it, of course.

Ned asked me if I was having someone follow him – I promised him I was NOT having him followed. I didn’t let Ned know, at the time, that I had found out about his cheating from our doctor and one of Ned’s friends had told me about the very young girls Ned was going after.

After I confronted Ned, the morning of August 6, 2014 – he moved out of our house and into his real estate office/house.  Ned is one of those liars who don’t like being questioned, so I think he was planning on staying at his office for a few nights and thought I’d want him back in a day or two, but NO that didn’t happen!

– Ned writes I had “threatened to destroy our house 8-12

What Ned is referring to is a text message I sent him on Tue 8/12/14 at 9:25am saying – “What are you so scared of? I just want to know the truth. If your not lying I don’t know why your so scared.” Then I text “tell me who she is or I’ll rip this house apart!!!”

That text was sent TWO weeks and FIVE days BEFORE Ned swore to lies to get this order of protection against me and the house was NOT ripped apart and Ned knew that!! Ned was using every and anything he could against me!

The reason it mattered to me who Ned had cheated on me with was because Ned Lines assaulted me in my sleep on the night of Thursday, July 31, 2014.

I was going through the worst time of my life in June and July of 2014. One of my dogs (Dragon who I had since the day he was born), a good friend of mine and my Dad were all sick and dying from cancer all at the same time. That was all I could think about and I had no one to talk to, especially not Ned – he was acting so strange around that time and up till I saw my doctor I didn’t know why.
I went many nights with barely any sleep because of all my worrying. I finally saw my doctor to see if he could give me something to help me sleep. This was also the day, from my doctor, I found out Ned was cheating on me. I was prescribed Ambien, which I had never taken before and will never take again – that was the night Ned assaulted me in my sleep – Ned knew I had taken the sleeping pill and Ned was well aware I didn’t want what he did to me that night to happen and there was no way for me to stop him.
The next morning when I knew what happened I had a whole new set of problems to worry about on top of everything else I was going through. I then had to get tested to see if Ned had given me an STD.

-Ned writes I had “threatened & harassed him via phone/text since early Aug. Sometimes 20 calls in an hour”.

I NEVER called/text Ned 20 times in ONE DAY, let alone one hour! I have my phone bills to prove my statement and to prove Ned swore to another lie.

-Where Ned claims “Has shown up at my office late at night demanding I let her in. Police were called 8/27”

Mon 8/25/14 Ned kept calling me, while I was at work, wanting me to put in writing or text him how we were going to split up the house and he was trying to get me to QuitClaim our house over to him. I explained to Ned that I already had an appointment to talk to an attorney about all this the next day (Tue 8/26) and I told Ned I was NOT signing over my half of our house to him. Ned and I text back and forth a couple times (these are the texts Ned mentions on the bottom of this page) and I guess Ned didn’t get the response he was expecting from me so he calls and tells me he’s coming back home. I told Ned I did not want him back at the house. Ned informed me that it was his house too and if he wanted to come back home he would. Ned also talked me into cancelling the appointment I had the next day with the attorney telling me all a lawyer was going to do was cost us both a lot of money and we could work this out ourselves.

I didn’t know at that time Ned had plans of stealing the entire house and everything I owned his way with the help of Sevier County Tennessee legal system!

Many times over the 22 years I had lived with Ned Lines I made it clear to Ned I wanted to go my own way and sell our house. Ned let me know I couldn’t do that because we owed too much money on our house and it wouldn’t sell for enough.

Ned stayed at our house that Monday till Wed 8/27/17. When I got home Wednesday night at approximately 8:15pm I pulled in the garage and as soon as I get out of my car Ned turns the TV up so loud that the door handle going into the house is vibrating. When I walk in the kitchen Ned is standing there with his back to me and I’m yelling at him to turn the TV down. Ned turns it down and turns around and looks at me and says to me “your always mad about something, your always yelling at me”. He looked like he was ready to start crying. I didn’t know what was going on at the time and thought the way he was acting was so strange. When I think back about this night – Ned had hopes that he was going to make me mad and start a fight with him, but his plan didn’t work.

Then while I’m making my dog, Lacy, some food Ned is walking through the house getting together some of his things and just leaves without saying anything.
It was so weird the way Ned was acting, especially after him demanding that he was staying at our house because he couldn’t sleep on the bed at his office/house any longer.
I kept calling Ned’s phone trying to figure out what was going on and he’d just answer and hang up over and over. The reason that was done, I believe, was he had hopes that I would send him angry text messages he could use against me – which I didn’t do.
Finally when Ned answers his phone I tell him I’m on my way to his office/house.
When I get there I’m knocking on his door and he wouldn’t come to it. I NEVER demanded Ned let me in his office/house – I just wanted him to tell me what was going on. I was soon to find out what was going on because two Sevierville police officers pull up. I asked one of them why he called them and I was told because “he says he fears for his life from you”. I asked if he was for real and he kinda smiled and said yes.

I left and went home.

Then at 10:18pm Ned calls me. While talking to Ned for 21 minutes everything came to me and I knew what had happened the last few days and that night.

As soon as I got off the phone with Ned I blocked and deleted Ned’s number and I called the police department and told the lady who answered to have the officer who was there tonight to call me immediately. When the officer called me I told him Ned had set me up. I told him about everything that had went on and things I had been hearing about Ned. He advised me not to take any more of his calls – I let told him I had already blocked Ned’s phone number. I also sent Ned an email that night letting him know I was scared of him and wanted nothing else to do with him.

-Where Ned claims I “have made the statement that I will gladly lose everything to make sure he has nothing 8-25”;
Ned’s referring to another text (later this Monday is when Ned came back to the house) from Monday 8/25/14 at 11:57am Ned texts me saying “we need to figure out the house.”
I text back – “I thought we had it figured out”.
Ned texts – “So did I originally. but you change it all the time.”
I text back – “Nope. Not changing anything”
Ned texts – “So tell me the deal”.
I text – “I guess your suing me & gonna make me lose everything I’ve got coming. That was your last threat”. (That was a threat Ned made to me over and over – if I didn’t sign my half of our house over to him I would lose everything I had worked my ass off for – Ned promised me that)!!
Ned texts – “I never said any of that. You said you wanted to make sure I lose everything no matter what it takes. Either way. You tell me what you think is FAIR.”
I text – “I’m not signing over my part of the house.”
Ned texts – “Go on…You meant to me. But you’ll sign it over to the bank anytime.”
I text – “The bank or no one else, has EVER treated me the way I’ve let you treat me!!!”

Ned kept trying to talk me into signing over my part of our house to him by Quit Claim Deed. I was going to till I had bad feelings (turns out with good reason) and found out he was lying about what a Quit Claim deed is. I had talked to a real estate attorney and found out that since Ned can’t refinance our house in his name, because of credit problems, and get my name off it – I would be giving up MY rights to our house BUT if Ned can’t make the payments I WOULD STILL BE RESPONSIBLE because my name would still be on the mortgage. Ned would bully and threaten me saying “This is going to be the best deal your going to get, if you don’t take it you’ll lose everything you’ve worked your ass off for all those years, watch and see, I promise you that”!!!

Ned Lines had high hopes this vindictive Order of Protection he took out against me was going to get me forced out of our house, even though I had nowhere else to go, and put him in control of the entire house and everything else I owned and worked for!

*Edward “Ned” Bernard Lines knows what a Quit Claim Deed is – he’s the Realtor/Broker at Mountain Lake Realty in Sevierville, TN.


Page 3 of Order of Protection from Edward “Ned” Bernard Lines against me, claiming he had “concerns of me physically harming” him.  Notice where Ned checked that I was to stay away from him – that’s all I wanted from Ned for years (read my section in page 2 about the “Ambien night”) and Ned knew it.  Also notice where Ned checked that I was to move out of my own home, a home he hadn’t lived in for a month BEFORE he called me begging to let him come back 8/25/14.  This was Ned Lines plan to get me out of my home and steal my half from me, with the advice of his “special friend”, who I was told has given the same advice to other women he had affairs with after being caught by their husbands. “Just go down to the courthouse, say you fear for your life, get an order of protection and we’ll be set”

Page Three:

Ned Lines and everyone who knows me KNOWS I would NEVER HURT MY DOGS OR ANY ANIMAL!!!
I have 72 character reference letters – 11 of them from Ned Lines friends and customers.
The dogs were NOT “our dogs” they are MY dogs!!! My name is on their AKC papers, microchips, insurance and DPCA papers! I pay their vet bills, insurance, buy their food and what ever else they need.
Ned used MY dogs because he knows they are the only thing I truly care about and Ned wanted to hurt me by using them – and that’s the ONLY reason he wanted anything to do with trying to take MY DOG from me!!!!
One reason I stayed with Ned Lines, who I was so miserable with for so many years, was because I loved MY DOGS that much!!
I don’t know of many women who would put up with what I did for their own children and I did it for MY Dogs!!!

-Ned writes “I’m concerned that she will physically harm me”

I laugh every time I read this!
I wonder why Ned Lines was so “concerned” after we were NOT even living together for almost a month and had NO contact for two days BEFORE Ned swore to lies to get this order of protection. I find it very strange we lived together for 22+ years and Ned never had these concerns before, but when Ned knows he can’t trick me into staying with him any longer and paying half the bills and half of the house (I use to beg Ned to “let’s sell the house and get out of this mess we’re in”. He’d tell me we can’t sell the house because it won’t bring enough money.) – all of a sudden Ned is claiming to have concerns of me physically harming him! This should have really concerned the magistrate and judge in Sevier County, TN.

I was at the courthouse talking to the Magistrate the morning BEFORE (on 8/28/14) Ned Lines filed this order of protection against me.
I had heard this was Ned’s next plan for me – with the advice of his “special friend” – and that was why he had called the police on me – to start a paper trail.
The magistrate and another man who were in the room kept saying to me “so you fear for your life, right”. When the magistrate told me I would have to swear this before a judge to get an order of protection against Ned I decided I did NOT want to swear to lies and I didn’t want to believe the rumors that Ned would stoop that low either. I decided to leave and go home – without filing a report, even though I had good reasons to file one against Edward “Ned” Lines!

Sevier County, Tennessee, let Edward “Ned” Bernard Lines use them in his plan to try to steal everything from me!!!

***Notice where Ned checked that I was to “Move-out of our family home immediately”. Ned knew I had no where to go, but didn’t care! Ned only thinks of himself and his wants and needs – no one else matters to Ned – he uses people for everything he can and when he’s used them up these people are no more than garbage to Ned – even after helping Ned build the life he wanted for all those years – I was no different than the people he used in his real estate business!
Ned had left our home, on his own – August 6, 2014 – and was living in his office, which is actually a small house. Ned had everything there he needed – a bedroom, kitchen, living room, garage and bathroom. All I had was the house I had been living in and NEVER left! If it wasn’t for my lawyer I wouldn’t have been able to go back to my own home till this went to court on Sept 12th (FOURTEEN DAYS).

Ned put his plan into action Friday 8/29/14 in the afternoon of Labor Day weekend when he knew the judges would be leaving early!!!!

**IF I wouldn’t have been able to get back in my home with Lacy – she would have been died an awful death. I was told I wasn’t allowed to take my own dog because of the way Ned Lines wrote his order of protection.
Because of “no contact” I wouldn’t have been allowed to even call and check on Lacy.
While I would have been staying at SafeSpace, Ned and his buddies were out celebrating for the weekend, that Ned was in control (they were so proud of what he did, I heard) – MY dog, Lacy, would have been home all ALONE from Friday till Tuesday when the judges were back from the holiday weekend.
To this day, what could have happened because of what Ned tried to me, is extremely hard for me to think about.


Page 4 of Order of Protection Edward “Ned” Bernard Lines filed against Betty Krachey

Page Four:

There was NOTHING that was “Slander” in my Facebook post!! (I think Ned meant libel, but there’s none of that, either).
Every single thing I wrote is the truth and Ned Lines knows it!
I have receipts, witnesses, old emails, and more that I can back everything up with!
I don’t like telling private matters and people who really know me know that, very well – but you try to steal my stuff, get a vindictive order of protection against me and GET MY DOGS INVOLVED – I won’t play games after that!

I have NOTHING to be afraid of – everything I have to say about Ned Lines and the 22+ years I lived with him is the the TRUTH and Ned Lines knows this. Ned also knows there’s a lot more that I haven’t told. I use to be a private person and that, too, was used against me by Ned Lines.

Friday, September 12, 2014 we were in court over this order of protection Ned Lines filed against me. While there my lawyer came up to me and says “your right, this is all about the house and YOUR money from The Dam Store”. Ned was now trying to say we were partners in MY business.
Ned Lines and I were NEVER partners in anything, except for that house! I NEVER trusted Ned with money – he wasn’t even on my bank account for my store, Marc Matthews was, but NEVER Ned Lines!!!

I was also told by my lawyer that Ned and his lawyer wanted me to “give up my freedom of speech and NOT say anything about Ned for two months”. I told him NO. Then he comes back and asked if I could keep my mouth shut for two weeks and I tell him – yep, I’ll keep quite for two weeks!
That just goes to show you – Ned Lines has a lot to hide and try to cover up!!

I don’t see how people can live in a make-believe world their whole life and be happy, but it’s worked for Ned for as long as I knew him! Maybe there’s something to it – I don’t care anything about finding out.

The order of protection Ned Lines filed against me was dismissed at the court date. We had a mutual restraining order afterwards for two weeks.

I never did get a chance to talk to the judge or even go in the court room. I stood outside in the hall the whole time. I would have liked to have had a chance to tell the judge what I had to say about what had been done to me.

To this date Edward “Ned” Bernard Lines who is the broker/realtor of Mountain Lake Realty in Sevierville, TN – has NOT had to pay any consequences for filing a false, vindictive report and swearing to lies to get this Order of Protection against me! This is wrong and laws need to be changed immediately or people like Ned will continue to use these laws against innocent people to gain control over them!

I was one of the lucky ones and got my life back.

I hear stories all the time about a man or woman wanting to leave an unhappy relationship and the other person filing a FALSE order of protection or restraining order to gain control over them – most aren’t as lucky as I was.

False accusers need to be punished severely for using Order of Protections and Restraining Orders in vindictive ways! They were made for true victims of domestic violence! I understand that the reason might not be obvious at first and the order granted, but when it can be proven they were used in ways they weren’t meant for, the false accuser needs to pay consequences for using the system to their advantage.

Sevier County Tennessee should be ashamed for letting someone like Edward “Ned” Bernard Lines use them the way he did! What a waste of court time!


Page 5 of the FALSE Order of Protection Edward “Ned” Bernard Lines flied in Sevier County, Tennessee

**Notice where Ned checked “If the parties share(d) a residence. Respondent must immediately and temporarily vacate the residence shared with the Petitioner, pending a hearing on the matter.”
Ned checked a few boxes, as you can see yourself, that I was to leave my home. Ned has lied to people that it was not his intentions for me to have to leave the house. I often wonder what Ned was on on August 29th 2014! That must have been some party him and his “friends” had out on the boat that night!

Please sign & share my Petition to hold false accuser accountable for their actions.


3 responses to “FALSE Order of Protection Filed by Edward “Ned” Lines in Sevierville TN

  1. I enjoyed talking to you last night. I’m taking your advice and fighting back. Today was the first time in a month I couldn’t sleep because I was eager to wake up. I’m contacting an attorney today to get the ball rolling. Once this gets moving I’m going to start a blog of my own. Thanks again for your time and compassion.

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  2. I know your ex and worked with a young mother he was supplying drugs to last year. I feel he preys on young vulnerable girls and is a danger to them and their children. I’m thankful you have this so others are aware of him. I told a friend who dated him briefly to google his name and question him about your allegations.
    Ambien is a known date rape drug. Perhaps that’s why he gave them to you.


  3. Reblogged this on Falsely Accused and commented:

    It’s been TWO YEARS & still the person who filed a vindictive order of protection against me is allowed to strut around like he did nothing wrong and he has had to pay NO legal consequences! He isn’t the only person Sevier County, Tennessee has let do this to an innocent person & get away with it! I was lucky & got my life back but I personally know a few people in the Sevier County county area alone that weren’t so lucky. Over the last two years I’ve talked to plenty of people who are able to change the law & hold false accusers accountable & they are well aware of how order of protections & restraining orders are used against innocent people to gain control over them – but STILL nothing is being done about this problem!
    At least I’m seeing more people fighting back & exposing their vindictive false accusers. I’m also seeing more people getting their vindictive restraining orders thrown out when they go to court. Now what I want to see is the false accusers pay consequences for their lies!


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