Larry’s Story: Restraining Order Abuse and the Neighbor from Hell

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

“She habitually engages in psychological projection. She has caused me to be compelled under threat of arrest and prosecution for failure to appear to attend court on her frivolous lawsuits 25 times. Yes! Twenty-five times. The frivolous prosecutions started in 2011, and they are still raging. I have been cited back to court on her application for a new restraining order on the 12th and a criminal warrant for cyberstalking on the 17th of this month. She has tried so many times to have me jailed I have lost count.”

—Author of (February 8, 2014)

The quotation above is an excerpt from an email sent to the creator of a series of exposés called “Neighbors from Hell” on ABC’s 20/20. The email was a sorely persecuted man’s response to being fingered on Facebook as a candidate for the series by his neighbor, who has forced him to appear before judges…

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