Why I am no longer a Feminist (A story by Christine Damon)

Red Pill Nation

A woman named Christine Damon posted this up at the Honey Badger Radio Facebook Group.


Here is the link of the person that posted it up if you have any questions. The story speaks for itself and if you have any questions feel free to contact the writer


Why I am no longer a feminist

I am not the typical woman you see posting up pictures and declaring she doesn’t need feminism. I considered myself a feminist for 30 years. Like most women who consider themselves feminists, I didn’t read feminist literature or take women’s studies courses. I just believed it was about equality. I believed, and still do, that women are as intelligent and capable as men and should have equal rights and opportunities. That is what I thought feminism was about. I was wrong.

In June of 2013, my boyfriend was driving me to work. We…

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