Join Betty’s Battle to Baste Some Butts: Register Your Complaint of Procedural Abuse and Demand That False Accusers Be Held to Account


Betty Krachey is miffed.

She’s fought for months to raise awareness of legal fraud in her state of Tennessee. She’s started a petition, she’s written letters and made calls, and she’s even discoursed with one of her state representatives, who’s told her he intends to raise the issue of holding false accusers accountable in legislative session.
Er, eventually.
Last she spoke to him, he encouraged her to assemble some paperwork and reassured her that the matter should receive the consideration of lawfailmakers this summer.
Betty was nearly left destitute by her long-term boyfriend, who falsely accused her on a protection order to keep the house they’d built for himself. He meant to put her and her dog out on the curb with the refuse bins, after a decades-long relationship.
He failed.

A lot of connivers like him, however, don’t fail.
Betty’s uniquely qualified to object to legal abuse, because she has the credibility only a favorable ruling from the court can bestow. (Her state, Tennessee, even has a law on the books that allows her to have the record of the false restraining order expunged, a law that should exist everywhere.)

Most complainants like Betty are discounted, because the false accusations brought against them went over as planned.
They’re “guilty,” so they’re voiceless.
Despite her being frustrated, though, it’s a big deal that Betty has the ear of a congressman, and her example should urge others, especially others who’ve been vindicated of false claims or who can prove claims against them are false, to follow her lead and pipe up.
Victims of legal abuse can talk all day about its horrors and privations (and should), but it can only serve to remedy the pain and loss if their stories find their way into influential ears.
Remedies have to be enacted into laws, and for that to come to pass, people have to stir political interest by asserting there’s a problem in need of remedial attention.
Many report they’re living on the edge of indigence, that they’re careworn and even cadaverous, and that they have no faith in the system.
That, however, is exactly the reason why remedies are required and must be demanded.
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