Complaint to TN Real Estate Commission about Edward “Ned” Lines, broker of Mountain Lake Realty and their Dismissal Response

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This is the actual email I sent to Alan Waddell about my complaint being dismissed – TREC email about Edward “Ned” Lines

On October 31, 2014 I sent a complaint about Edward “Ned” Lines – Realtor/Broker – of Mountain Lake Realty in Sevierville, TN to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.   Everything I have in my complaint is the truth and Ned Lines knows this!  Without verifying with anyone, except Ned Lines, the TREC DISMISSED my complaint on April 1, 2015!  Two realtors told me this doesn’t surprise them at all that the TREC is just after money and want fees and dues from every realtor they can get. I was told (and have proof) the TREC rarely enforces any real estate rules, which I think is unfair for the ethical realtors out there!  I was told in October, by Amy Mayfield at TREC, there could be a hearing over this and I have more to tell that I was saving for this “hearing” that never happened!

**Ned’s response (LIES) can be seen better here on page 11: Click= Edward “Ned” Lines Real Estate Complaint.

TREC Dismissal of Edward Ned Lines Complaint – Ned’s response to TREC about my complaint and their dismissal can be seen on page 25; item 12.

Ned Line's response to TREC

Ned Line’s response (LIES) to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission to the complaint I sent them about him back in Oct 2014. The TREC dismissed my complaint without verifying one single thing I wrote with anyone – except Ned Lines, a known liar and con-artist.

1. Where Ned states that he offered me $50,000 for my part of our joint property – Ned did NOT have $50K!! That can be verified by checking his bank statements. Believe me, if he did, I would have taken him up on his offer – since I was leaving him either way! But, another problem was, he couldn’t get my name off the mortgage because of credit problems.  I AM NOT going to be responsible for a home I would have NO rights to and still have MY name on the mortgage.  And instead of trying to sell our house, like I begged Ned Lines to do for years – he let it go into foreclosure, which proves he couldn’t afford our home on his own!

2. I NEVER made any threats to Ned and it was Ned’s behavior that was strange!  Ned’s a con-arist and like I’ve said before – he knew I was going through the worst time of my life with my Dad sick & dying and my dog  had just died – and he thought that was the perfect time to put his plan into action while he thought I was at my weakest. While I was going through losing my dog & the person I cared most about – Ned Lines, his boyfriend & other “friends” were plotting against me & trying to help Ned figure out how to finish me off and take me for every last thing I had left – my home, my money & MY dog, Lacy!! Ned always takes advantage of people at their weakest moments.  Ask Linda Kosak, she blames Ned Lines for her husband’s death.  You see, Dennis – who owned Pioneer Realty – helped Ned out when Ned first got his real estate license and Dennis made the mistake of letting Ned hang his license at his office.  What did Ned to do thank Dennis Kosak?  Ned bad mouthed Dennis all over town and stole his biggest real estate customers.  I was told that Linda thought Ned caused Dennis so much stress that he had a heart attack and died. Ned had a hard time hiding how happy he was over Dennis’s death.  One of Linda’s friends even called Ned the day of Dennis’s funeral and told Ned he was NOT to come to the funeral or send flowers by Linda’s request! Ned Lines also tried to take advantage of our neighbor, who helped Ned out a LOT, when this neighbor  was in bad health and Ned had high hopes he was dying from a bad heart Ned was plotting about how he was going to steal this man’s entire business from him and his sons.  I will explain more of this later.

The only thing that was strange about my behavior – through our entire bullshit “relationship” – was that I put on an act trying to make everyone think I was so happy with Ned & we had no problems. Truth was – I was miserable with him & felt so alone being with someone I didn’t want to be with & could never talk to. Now, that IS strange behavior & it’s an aweful way to let yourself live.  Now that I look back I think Ned Lines enjoyed making me feel like he did.  BUT not one single time did I, my boyfriend or any of my friends plot against Ned behind his back! When I was told over & over to file an order of protection against Ned – because word was out that was his plan for me – I couldn’t do it. I did not want to swear to lies that I feared for my life.  And I was stupid enough to think Ned Lines wasn’t that low – that IS strange behavior!

3. The reason I was able to get back in my house the day Ned Lines filed his false order of protection against me was because of my former lawyer!  Ned was out celebrating, because he got me forced out of my home and thought he was in control, with his friends in Knoxville and out on a buddy of his (he owns a local restaurant and pimps out his young waitresses, I’ve been told by several people) boat.

4. Where he puts “but the power has been cut off” – why would I leave the power on after I moved out??? I did leave it on for a few weeks so I could go back and clean BUT after I went in the house and found all the appliances gone and was told by someone close to Ned that Ned took the appliances – that’s when I decided to just disconnect the electric and stop cleaning up the house!  I did turn the electric back on when I listed the house for sale.  I was told Oct 2, 2014 (I was in IL) – by my lawyer – that Ned was in the house getting the REST of his belongings.  I figured he got what he wanted and abandoned the rest.  Most of the stuff in the house was mine and I have receipts to prove it!

5. I was even told by the old property owners at Pollard Cemetery Rd that there is NO written agreement for them to use the road going to their house.  They said Ned asked them to go to the board and try to get a written agreement, which was refused by the cemetery board.  Ned told them to keep quite about this because he was afraid the property wouldn’t close and Ned was needing money from this sale badly!

6. Ned gave his lockbox code to a few people who are not realtors.  One man, that Ned gave his codes to, cheats on his wife  and would take his girlfriend into furnished homes Ned & other realtors have for sale.  I was told this by someone close to Ned and Ned himself.  I’m sure this guy isn’t going to testify for me but I’ve got a couple others who will.

7. I know Ned stole Chad Long’s info box and sign holders – BECAUSE I WAS THERE AND I SAW HIM!!! And Chad NEVER verified Ned bought those holders or info box – I verified that!!! The TREC never verified, either – just took a known liars word.

8. It was one man who started the fire by a cigarette.  Ray might have done business with this man in the past, but he was not “invited” by the property owners to be drinking and fishing on his property.  When Ned called Ray to let him know about the fire – it was never mentioned about this person starting the fire or even being on the property! I verified that – again!  I have a video I took, that day, of this man raking leaves that were on fire away from the cabin – while he’s smoking a cigarette and holding a can of beer the whole time and talking to Ned.

9. There were never landscapers on Ray’s property – only Ned’s friends and people he had mow for the hay and then would charge the owners $1200 – $1600 each time.  Every time the property owners would ask Ned for a receipt Ned would tell them “these are just dumb hillbillies, they don’t know how to write receipts”.  There was NEVER a receipt because these “dumb hillbillies” were mowing for FREE to keep the hay while Ned was cheating his customers out of thousands of their dollars.  Yes, I have proof and witnesses!

10. Yes, it is true that there are multiple ways to get into the property Ray owns.  BUT I have photos and videos of Ned’s friends and their families using this property for fishing, shooting and cookouts many times without permission by the property owners.  I have other people who will testify that Ned let them use it and that Ned even planned to start a gun club and have people pay dues to use his customer’s property – without their permission!

11. Ned Lines has been paid cash many times for real estate deals.  I can’t tell much on this one because I’ve had a person from a bank/credit union asking me questions about someone who I did not mean to get involved with this wanting to know what I know about the connection he & Ned have & why he passes up other realtors to use Edward “Ned” Lines.

12.  I  put a link to the complaint form to the TREC on my website because  I’ve had many people tell me how Ned has done, or tried to, them wrong in real estate deals. And Ned’s real estate customers contacted ME – I didn’t have to contact them or his high school “friends” or old girlfriends – I’m not that hard to get a hold of these days!!  If Ned would do things the right way he would have nothing to worry about.

13. I didn’t “tamper” with Ned’s business Facebook page – I was the one who made his Facebook page!!! So, I figured it was mine and after I put my post on it I was getting so many messages that I deactivated the page because it belonged to ME.

14. Yes, I listed our house for sale and have an offer on it – without Ned’s signature.  I figured I might as well try to sell it before it goes to auction June 9th because we haven’t made a payment since Sept. 2014 & it will be going into foreclosure.  **Update: The house we built together was auctioned off July 7 2015 and is now in foreclosure because Ned Lines REFUSED to sign the papers so the house could be sold.

***To realtors in Tennessee – looks like you don’t have to worry about doing your business the ethical way, anyway, apparently the TREC could careless what you do as long as you pay them your fees and keep your insurance up to date. They did NOT verify one single thing I wrote in my complaint with anyone but Ned Lines!!! Ned Lines made a lot of cash over the years doing dirty real estate deals, something other realtors might want to think about – you’ve got nothing to lose but your reputation IF you get caught or turned in.

***Ned Lines is trying to say I ruined his business with my posts on the internet.  What I did was make it harder for Ned to con and cheat people now. I hear that Ned has partnered with a local builder who Ned use to bad mouth all over town. The things Ned use to say about this guy, to me & others, sounds like they’ll be perfect business partners!

 Word of mouth means a lot in Sevier County, Tennessee!


3 responses to “Complaint to TN Real Estate Commission about Edward “Ned” Lines, broker of Mountain Lake Realty and their Dismissal Response

  1. I refuse to use real estate agents for this very reason. I’ve had a previous bad experiences with them. I dealt with a real estate agent to sell my previous property and I was quite disappointed. It took 6 months and all my agent did was create confusion between the buyer and us as regarding the possession and moving dates…In the end, he cost me all the profit I was going to make on the house and I didn’t feel he did much more than take a picture and put it on a website. Realtors do nothing special that can’t be done on your own. The internet makes everything possible and easy these days.

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    • My number is (865) 386-7398 – I’ll be out of town till Wed , if you call & I don’t answer I’ll call you back. Or you can email me at
      The TREC is a joke! I was told by many realtors & former realtors all they care about is the money they get for dues & fees from the realtors. They didn’t verify one single thing I told them with anyone – except the person I filed the complaint against. He even told me himself that they wouldn’t believe anything I told them about him.


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