In Liberal La-La Land, Restraining Orders Are Civil Solutions You Can Bank On, and Guns Are Bad

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

I’ve never liked guns. After having endured 10 years of legal abuse, however, and consequently having revised my faith in people and government, I’m ambivalent. Process is dumb, and liberties we believe are sacrosanct are violated casually.

I’ve always been drawn to “NPR values,” also. Now I’m ambivalent about them, too. (Liberal, like the word feminist, used to mean for freedom and equality.)

I’m not a neocon, but I may start calling myself an anarchist.

A couple of weeks ago, a correspondent of mine, whose brother is in the service, brought my attention to this National Review story, which underlines the sort of political contradictions that are bound to drive any thinking person up the wall: “The Deadly Consequences of Draconian Gun Laws.”

It’s about a 39-year-old hairdresser, Carol Browne, who “had become increasingly nervous about her ex-boyfriend. Convinced that he intended to do her…

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