A Wronged Father’s Immodest Proposal for Restraining Order Reform

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

The author of this guest commentary is a Virginia man whose wife obtained “three temporary restraining orders against [him], and finally got a permanent restraining order imposed against [him] in Colorado in January 2015, based on a claim of domestic abuse, stalking, sexual assault, and physical assault,” a claim made seven months after she had moved out and that the man denies. (She had previously made identical claims against a different partner.) Between February and June 2015, his wife gave birth to a child she had told him she had miscarried, was institutionalized for suicidal depression and alleged auditory hallucinations (voices urging her “to hurt or kill the Child”), and took her own life. Though man and wife (whose domestic relationship had “lasted 75 days total”) had divorced in April 2015, the man only learned he had a daughter after his ex-wife’s death. His daughter is in the custody of her maternal…

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