My Story

I lived with Ned Lines from January 1992 till August 6th 2014. We moved to Tennessee from Ft. Myers, Florida together.

To be honest I don’t even know how me and Ned ever happened! We worked together at Walgreens and I felt bad for Ned because one of the workers he was dicking was also letting a friend of mine’s stepson dick her – IN NED’S CAR – while Ned was at work!  I really felt bad for Ned at the time because I thought Ned was such a nice boy and he didn’t deserve some girl making a fool out of him like that. He was so proud that he was able to snag this girl that he thought was pretty and thought impressed everyone – little did he know everyone was talking and laughing behind his back.  I even stuck up for Ned when I overheard Darren and Renee talking about the two of them – that was the day I started being nice to Ned.

I’ve always liked people no one else seems to and “normal” has never been my thing, don’t know why – been like that my whole life. But usually those are the people who end up being the one’s worth getting to know.  That was NOT the case, as it turned out, with Ned Lines!!!  Ned’s NOT my type!

I’ve always wanted to live in Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains since I was about 5 years old – long before I ever knew who Ned Lines was.  I was leaving Florida, which I HATED, with or without Ned.  I NEVER invited or asked Ned to come with me.  Next thing I know he’s making plans and we were leaving Florida on our way to Tennessee together!  Some how Ned just decided we were together and he was moving to Tennessee with me.  I wanted out of Florida so bad I guess I just didn’t pay attention. I did like Ned at the time and I’m not denying we didn’t have fun and get along good together.  I really liked Ned as a FRIEND but not a whole lot more.

After living together for about eight years we built a house TOGETHER.  It’s the house this all started over.

I can’t make a lot of my story public till after court, whenever that will be. I know a lot of lies are being told about me – it’s happened before and is still happening to this day. I have no reason to lie. I don’t make a living lying, conning and cheating people. But I guess that’s why I can’t claim to make $12K a day, either. I’d rather keep living the life I live than a life where I have to cover my ass all the time and put on a good front for everyone I meet and know and hope they don’t find out who the real me is!

I don’t pretend to be something I’m not and if you like me great and if you don’t that’s ok, too, cause to tell the truth – I don’t really care! I think the less you worry about what everyone thinks of you the better off you are & that’s worked pretty well for me! Pretending to be something your not seems like an awful kind of life to live.
Let me get to where this Order of Protection was taken out on me by Edward (Ned) Bernard Lines based on false allegations. I had been wanting to leave Ned for years & Ned knew it. Even though I told very few people how miserable I was – Ned was well aware of it.  I would beg Ned to “lets sell the house and get out of this mess we’re in” over and over.  Usually he’d just ignore me but when I did get a response from him it was always – “we can’t sell the house because it won’t bring enough money” and then he’s just pretend like everything was ok.

I use to be a very private person – till all this crap – and told very few people my business, so everyone thought everything was going good with me & Ned. They had no idea I was living with someone I felt trapped with, I could NEVER talk to him or even ask him a question without him blowing up, that’s not a very happy life to live with someone.

I never posted lies on Facebook or emailed my friends telling them lies about Ned like he did me to try to get people to feel sorry for me & think Ned was such a bad person. Now that I think about it, Ned’s always played the victim – how manly is that!
What I did to Ned was build him up to people and help make him into something we both knew he wasn’t. In a way I deserved everything I got! I knew what kind of person he was and I sat back and watched him take advantage of everyone he could, especially our neighbor, and his real estate customers who trusted Ned. Even though I might deserve what I got does NOT mean I’m going to sit back and take it – that I will NOT do!
In July my Doberman, Dragon, was very sick with bone cancer and I knew he wasn’t going to be around much longer. So I decided when his time came I would just have one Doberman – Lacy and I could handle her by myself (yes, one reason I stayed with Ned was for MY dogs) and I was going to leave Ned! He knew he wasn’t going to be able to trick me into staying & paying half the bills much longer. I could tell he was ready to go his separate ways, too. He had lost a LOT of weight the last year and in his mind he was someone he wasn’t (this happens to him every few years). And I found out he was cheating on me with very  young girls – young enough to be his daughters, yep pretty disgusting – mostly on their part. So – he had to figure out a way to get my half of our house from me. His first plan was to bully & threaten me into signing over my half of the house by signing a QuitClaim Deed to him. He had told me he would give me $50K, which he didn’t have & I knew I’d never see and he promised me this would be my best deal. And if I did not sign the house over to him he let me know I would lose everything I had worked my ass off for, “you watch and see, I promise you that” he would tell me over & over. I came close to signing the QuickClaim deed to him after Dragon died, but had bad feelings because of the way he was acting.

Ned’s next plan, with the advice from his awesome friend & a local young attornery, was to get the police involved, to start a paper trail, then to file the Order of Protection against me to get me kicked out of the house and put Ned in control!

If it wasn’t for my lawyer I would have had to leave my home from Aug 29th to the court date Sept 12th! Ned knew and did NOT care one teeny tiny bit that I had NO WHERE TO GO! Plus I had Lacy to worry about.

Ned had moved out of our house August 6th & wasn’t even living in the home at the time he did this. Ned has another house to live in that has everything he needs – I had NOTHING else & no where else to go!

Ned has no idea how close he was to getting that house up till 8/27/14!  While Ned was out plotting against me – I was talking to attorneys  and Shawn  at the mortgage company trying to figure out a way to get my name off the mortgage!

Also, while Ned Lines was putting me through all this I was going through the worst time of my life – my Doberman (Dragon), that I had since the day he was born and my Dad were both sick and dying from cancer. Ned knew I was going through a very bad time and saw this as his perfect chance to use it against me. Ned’s always looking to take advantage of people when they’re down and weakest. Even after living with him for over 22 years, I was no different and he was ready to take me for everything he could, anyway he could and just throw me away like a piece of garbage. That’s how Edward (Ned) Bernard Lines works!
On our court date – Sept 12th – the order of protection was dismissed . My lawyer told me I was right – “this is all about the house and YOUR money you have coming from your business you sold.” I knew it!! And Ned wanted ME to pay the court costs for this! Is he something or what!
At court Ned also wanted me to give up my freedom of speech and NOT say anything about him! Sounds like someone has a lot to hide!
All I can say is Ned had a lot more to be concerned about than me causing him “physical harm”!

**I’ve had several people ask me – “why did you marry Ned Lines to begin with”.
I want to straighten this out – I WAS NEVER MARRIED TO EDWARD “NED” BERNARD LINES or anyone else EVER!!! Ned and I only lived together – for too long! I did go along with Ned when he would tell people I was his wife. Why? I really don’t know! I’ve NEVER had any desire to get married, being someone’s “wife” has NEVER been a goal of mine!
I wish I would have put a stop to Ned telling people I was his wife and listing me as his wife on legal papers. Again – I was NEVER married to Ned Lines – I have NEVER been married!!


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    Yet another story of Tennessee’s legal abuse in their court systems. As United States citizens, the courts were set up to protect all citizens from other citizens, not from the court itself. This “law” network is broken due to unethical practices, procedures, manipulation, and control. It’s time to hold those who abuse it accountable for their misguided actions.

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