Fighting the Arizona Injunction Against Harassment

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

The “Injunction Against Harassment” is one of three types of protective order issued in Arizona. The title of the instrument is deceptive. Behaviors alleged by petitioners aren’t limited to harassment and may include anything, including violent threat or assault, or even sexual violation.

An “Order of Protection” is what a complainant files against someone who shares a residence with him or her; an “Injunction Against Harassment” is what a complainant files if his or her relationship with the defendant is other than domestic (e.g., a friend, neighbor, or stranger). Conduct alleged on either order may be identical.

It may also be false. Orders aren’t hard to obtain, including on the basis of exaggerations or outright fraud.

Here are some facts of which the recipient of an Arizona Injunction Against Harassment should be aware:

  1. Highlighted in this explanation from the Tucson City Court, which applies everywhere in the…

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