Understanding the Significance of False Accusations in Restraining Order and Related “Trials”

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

The author of this blog has determined, upon a month’s remove from writing every day, to continue to post, albeit infrequently. His responses to comments must also be limited. Comments are, however, encouraged, as is dialogue among commenters. Email queries will be impossible for the author to track, but he is willing to correspond with writers or students who identify themselves in a comment and ask.

Misperception of the significance of false accusations is a topic that’s been considered in past posts on this blog, particularly false accusations of sexual assault, which are the only false accusations anyone seems to believe are deserving of mention.

It’s wrong to say that the nature of false accusations doesn’t matter. But more relevant to observing corruption than a consideration of what is alleged is a consideration of how it’s alleged and decided.

Imagine if special courts were convened to judge accused people of…

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