Restraining Order Rulings Aren’t about Justice but about Justification, and Lies to the Court Only Work because Judges Also Lie

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

Here’s a formula for fraud:

  1. You lavish police departments with hefty federal grants to urge their officers to steer complainants of abuse to the courthouse to apply for restraining orders.
  2. You have legislation in place that rewards impulsive or malicious accusation with quickie ex parte rulings from judges.
  3. You instruct judges how they should form those and subsequent rulings and threaten to withdraw funding from states whose courts don’t play ball and comply with federal dictates (see VAWA).
  4. You give this farce a gloss of credibility by requiring that the accused be granted the opportunity to be heard in their defense.
  5. You ensure that the appellate process is also cursory and that the accused have no further recourse to the law to expose what may be false allegations.
  6. With rhetoric and obfuscation, you further ensure that journalistic investigation and criticism are minimal and that the public is kept…

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