WTF Is Wrong with Restraining Orders and the People Who Administer Them?

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

There are a lot of things about restraining order laws and policies that elicit (and deserve) this reaction: “What the f—!

Defendants’ due process rights are suspended; orders are issued without defendants’ even knowing it, let alone being permitted to respond before possibly being forcibly evicted from their homes; testimony from accusers  is accepted at face value (and may even be given under an assumed name); citizens may be accused by strangers who live in different states from them; judges have been conditioned to be suspect of the accused and trusting of accusers; the evidentiary standard applied to allegations that are typically of criminal acts is the lowest civil standard; the fundamental right to cross-examine accusers and other witnesses is often short-circuited and may be outright denied; false accusations are never sanctioned (or ever called “false”) and the falsely accused can’t sue for…

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