4 responses to “If a Judge Has Unlawfully Ordered You Never to Speak or Write ABOUT Someone, Matthew Chan Wants to Tell Your Story

  1. A judge granted my ex wife a restraining order, barring me from having my Daughter’s pictures on my own personal website. I thought I was protected by the First Amendment, until the “attorney” I hired informed me that the First Amendment did not apply to me. If you ask me, that “attorney” was just interested in a quick “cash grab”, totally ignoring my best interests. To make a long story short, I was held in contempt. I’d love to tell more of my story, involving my ex wife ignoring several court orders by alienating me from our daughter, whom I haven’t seen in over 12 years, all the while paying child support.


      • Hello. I apologize for such a delayed response. To make a long story short, my abusive, scorned ex wife was very pissed that I remarried she was no longer in control of me. I knew she’d respond very spitefully, once she found out that I would be marrying again. She figured she’ll hurt me by keeping my daughter away from me. She pulled every dirty trick in the book, including fake allegations of abuse (both physics and sexual), and also coaching our innocent daughter to lying as well.

        I took her to court nearly a dozen times, yet it made no difference. I was an African American male, who was being accused (she’s Latina).

        I relocated out of state (for good reason), so I just decided to create a website, documenting my ordeal. My website turned out beautifully. I gave the information to my daughter, during our last phone call in 2012. Prior to that call, the last time I spoke to her was 2010, even though our court order stated that I speak to our daughter weekly.

        Well, my daughter found it necessary to tell her mother that I built a website, informing our daughter of EVERYTHING: pictures, documents, court orders, etc.

        Upon viewing the website, her mother was FURIOUS! Her mother was hell-bent on keeping our daughter in the dark about what was really going on. She filed a restraining order, and surprisingly was granted one! I was not present to protest it, since I don’t live in that state anymore. Was I NOT protected by the first amendment? According to the restraining order, I was ordered to remove all references to our daughter. I took too long removing it, and I was charged with contempt of court. Again, was I not entitled to first amendment protection?

        My website has since been removed, and I never heard from my daughter again. She’s 20 now, but I don’t know if she’s dead or alive.


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