Midlife Madness and Restraining Order Abuse

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

“Of the 760 women approached [of menopausal age], 539 (71 %) returned completed questionnaires. A total of 155 women (29%) had a score of 12 or more on the general health questionnaire and were identified as probable psychiatric cases.”

C. Barbara Ballinger, British Medical Journal (1975)

Translation: About every fourth woman you meet “of a certain age” is at least a little off.

Men in this age group, besides—perceiving their virility to be on the wane—are commonly said to experience “midlife crises.”

In investigating and writing about abuses of restraining orders for five years, I’ve heard from plenty of teenaged and young adult victims (who are not uncommonly represented by their very distressed moms or dads).

The really hairy stories, though, come from people in midlife. I’m in midlife, and I’m fending off allegations from women who have begun (or are fast approaching) “the change.” Here are some…

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