Singer-Songwriter Kat McSnatch Knows How You Feel (“Can She Say That? Can I?”)

TALKING BACK to restraining orders


The angry speech of people who’ve been falsely accused in one or another legal procedure and labeled freakish, scary, or violent is often highlighted to imply that because they use “bad words,” they must be bad people whose claims of injustice aren’t worthy of consideration.

Such people have been wrongly deprived of some or all of the following: dignity, security, children, property, homelivelihood, health. If, in complaining about that, they use the c-word or the f-word, though, it’s concluded they must have had it coming.

The identical sentiments denounced by feminist house organs like and rights advocacy groups like the estimable Southern Poverty Law Center are defiantly and amusingly expressed by Australian singer-songwriter Kat McSnatch:

For using speech and/or images a lot less provocative than those featured in these videos, citizens in the “Land of Liberty” may be investigated by the police…

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