Report Judges and Prosecutors Who Refuse to Acknowledge Perjury: A Proposed “Call to Action”

One response to “Report Judges and Prosecutors Who Refuse to Acknowledge Perjury: A Proposed “Call to Action”

  1. judge Daryl Kennedy ,Shasta county superior court. California, i figured out that the thing that was falsy accusing me was making calls to the police saying i was following her she did this to try and build a case but the police did not believe her so rather then list these days in her complaint she left them out , but she did try and use the police reports to validate different days she said i followed her ..i called the police and they flat out told me they did not believe her so when i brought it up in court, the so called judge asked her were she came up with the dates she claims i was following her , the dates i spent days trying to prove i was no where near her , so when the judge asked she said “that she was told to get as close as she can on the dates that it will not matter ” and it was the women advocates that told her to do this . so she lied and made up the dates falsified documents and i also had 89 pages of her lies and 3 other courts filings were i could prove she was lying and the judge would not even look at my even thou she lied , used false documents , failed to prove anything she claimed , the judge still gave a 1 year restraining order , i was so angry i was escorted out was by far the dumbest thing i have ever been part of ..about 2 months later i seen that judge at a local hardware store and he hid behind the isle and when he thought the time was right he almost ran out of the store .like i was after him or something was a joke the way i had 2 witnesses who were with me on the days one who was with me directly in the time frame that stated , the judge went so far as to pressure her about what i would be doing many hours out of the time frame stated ..she said what he was doing after 8 am she would not know because thats when she goes to work , but she failed to see why it would make a difference since the claims are between 6:30 am and 7 am when the lady was going to work was clear i was going to get screwed and i did …its not over im going to get the truth out ..this is a very very small part of the story i have


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