Order of Protection Filed Against Betty Krachey by Edward “Ned” Lines

It’s been TWO YEARS & still the person who filed a vindictive order of protection against me is allowed to strut around like he did nothing wrong and he has had to pay NO legal consequences! He isn’t the only person Sevier County, Tennessee has let do this to an innocent person & get away with it! I was lucky & got my life back but I personally know a few people in the Sevier County county area alone that weren’t so lucky. Over the last two years I’ve talked to plenty of people who are able to change the law & hold false accusers accountable & they are well aware of how order of protections & restraining orders are used against innocent people to gain control over them – but STILL nothing is being done about this problem!
At least I’m seeing more people fighting back & exposing their vindictive false accusers. I’m also seeing more people getting their vindictive restraining orders thrown out when they go to court. Now what I want to see is the false accusers pay legal consequences for their lies!

Falsely Accused

Filed against Betty Krachey by Edward (Ned) Bernard Lines
in Sevier County, TN – Fri August 29, 2014

Page One:

10644851_10202451313796180_5805324061410679716_n Page 1 of  Order of Protection that was my last gift from Edward “Ned” Bernard Lines

Notice under “Respondent’s Employer:” Ned Lines wrote: NONE. At the time when Edward “Ned” Lines filed this bullshit order of protection I was working THREE part-time jobs. Two that I worked at over a year and 6 months and one for a year. I had also just taken on a forth very part-time job at the time this was taken out on me. I have no idea what Ned’s point was at lying about my employment, but then again I have no idea why he lied about most of the stuff he did lie about.
I worked and paid my OWN way the whole time I lived with Ned Lines! I…

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One response to “Order of Protection Filed Against Betty Krachey by Edward “Ned” Lines

  1. Ned was afraid you would charge him with sexual assault is why he served you with a tpo. I want to talk with you about legal action you can take. You can file a civil suit against him and the dr. for intentional infliction of emotional distress. You may also sue the dr for negligence if this led to the sexual assault.
    I was given a date rape drug and sexually assaulted also. The attorney I used from Nashville was David R. Smith his phone is (615) 742 – 1775 he’s awesome.


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