Exposed – Legal and Narcissist Abuse at it’s finest……..


by Sheila Powers

Jacob Fabry vs. Sheila Powers (Hamilton County, Tennessee) Prior Restraint Order

It truly doesn’t get any better then this in regards to suppression of freedom. Hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. are dealing with false allegations from their ex’s who inappropriately use the legal system as a means of control. Blatant and biased 1st Amendment violations have become epidemic. We need to establish “no immunity” to the authorities of the court system as we did to the authorities in the Catholic Church after the Boston Globe exposed their intentional neglect of minimizing the knowledge of abuse that was corrupt among their officials.
There are two fundamental issues here, Freedom of Speech and Abuse of Process. My case along with hundreds of thousands of other cases(links below to other cases), are picture perfect examples where one party uses and manipulates laws for their own agenda, usually the party with money to hire the high priced attorneys. This leaves the party who is already living on a frugal, shoe string budget very little leverage to battle with and that is where we resort to our inherent right to speak out about injustices. However, the person with the financial advantage drags the person speaking out into court trying to silence them for fear of exposure and to break them financially into submission of their will. It’s a violation of not only our civil rights but of our ethical and moral responsibility to justice everywhere and in every realm.

The lack of substantial consequences is the major contributor to manipulation of the system be it by a plaintiff, attorney or judge. Judges are immune for their actions which results in a God complex for those who choose to abuse their position. An attorney who is well aware that their plaintiff is lying yet proceeds with filing an order is guilty of Attorney Misconduct under the ethical provisions, however, to sue an attorney for misconduct requires the person to hire an attorney which takes a substantial amount of money that the plaintiff rarely has. The Plaintiff that initiates the petition under the pretense of manipulating the system to their benefit is guilty of Abuse of Process and the Plaintiff who purposely lies to get a petition is guilty of Perjury.

Justice is a misnomer as it has nothing to do with justice, it has to do with law. The law is clear. Our Constitution states that our inherent right is Freedom of Speech. It also guarantees us that we are entitled to representation IF the case is criminal or juvenile. Those of us who end up in a Civil or Family Court and lack the financial ability to secure representation are literally screwed and that is where our Freedom of Speech is absolutely critical. We rely on this inherent propriety to be able to speak out “against a society of profoundly unequal resources, adversarial criminal justice, and ignorance of complex law, justice can only prevail if the state provides an indigent defendant with an attorney” as so eloquently articulated by the Supreme Court in Gideon v Wainright in 1963.

Implementing legal and severe consequences for intentional misuse of our system will be the catalyst for this gross abuse of equality’s diversion. Manipulation of justice for a self-serving agenda under the influence of money, power, or personal connections is ethically and morally wrong and should be punished accordingly, including judges, for the greater good of the whole. Until this happens, the general majority is playing on a biased playing field tilted to the Plaintiff’s favor. Our First Amendment is our ONLY defense against this hypocritical system. We are a voice. The courts are ours. The judges are our public servants and need to protect the oath they were sworn to uphold without prejudice.

History repeats itself. Over and over and over and over. Have we really learned nothing from the people who have gone before us. This has been going on for almost two milleniums. It’s time to change things up and make the playing field equal once and for all.

The Epidemic of Wrongful Restraining Orders

Mark Flood vs. Blake Taylor: Defamation Lawsuit over Tweets & Website (Pinellas County, FL)

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