New Year Parent Resolution: Hold Family Court Accountable for our Children

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place-your-corrupt-judge-or-lawyer-photo-along Your “Public Servant” at Work in “our courts.”

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Never before in American history have there been so many corrupt judges and unscrupulous lawyers without accountability. This New Year, we’re going to take our children back from the abusive, arrogant judges along with the lawyers and predators they enrich at the exp[ense of our children.

Two reasons exist for the vast human rights violations they are getting away with. The first is lawyer glut. Our universities are turning out a million lawyer candidates a year, at one time more than all the practicing attorneys nationwide. There are more than 300,000 in California and New York alone. That’s a lot of lawyers and they have to work somewhere.

The second reason is apathy, excuses and plain laziness of the victims. Instead of joining our protests and donating on reform sites such as this one…

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