Defense Against Domestic Violence Abuse

Falsely Accused

Domestic violence is a very serious problem. Each year, thousands of domestic violence (“DV”) cases are filed. If you are the victim of domestic violence, it’s important that you get help right away. For more information, see Leaving an Abusive Relationship: How to Protect Yourself and Temporary Restraining Orders.

If you’ve been falsely accused of domestic violence, this article may provide answers to some of the questions you have, but you should hire an experienced attorney to represent you at trial.

Temporary Restraining Order

A Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”) is the first step in a domestic violence case. TROs are usually obtained through an ex parte court proceeding. Ex parte means the “plaintiff” (person claiming to be a victim of domestic violence) may ask for a court hearing without notifying the “defendant” (person accused of domestic violence).

At the TRO hearing, the plaintiff may testify or bring in other evidence…

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