Cast of Court Clowns: Avoid Double Standard Sex Discrimination!

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lying-in-family-court-for-dummies3-239x300By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

As the 2017 year draws to a close, we take pause to reflect on some of the characters in robes who still manage to convince clueless moms and dads that they are looking out for the “best interests of their children.” Wake up folks, they love your money, not your children.

And yet, like the GED keyboard warriors pontificating to no one who cares about their personal war stories from the comfort of their homes, no serious reform effort has survived to get moms and dads truly working together to spare their children the horrific psychological and financial harm which this giant government fraud has been causing. Rest assured they’re going to take everything you own and every last dollar you worked hard for.

Read all about it in my new book, Satan’s Docket: Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry. Victimized parents…

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