Presiding Tucson City Court Judge Antonio Riojas Acknowledges Restraining Orders Are “Abused” by “People Who…Say Things That Are Just Blatantly False”

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

The contents of this brief post are excerpted from the previous one. They’re highlighted separately here because of their almost unique significance. It’s very rare for a judge to frankly criticize the protective order process and the indifference of the justice system to false accusation.

I’ve been doing this for 20 years,” Judge [Tony] Riojas told the writerU [on Aug. 25, 2017], “and I’ve never known a police [officer] or a prosecutor to charge someone for…false reports, no matter how blatant….” He added: “I wish they would, because I think people come in, and they say things that are just blatantly false—and lying.” A false or vexatious complainant “can keep filing [protective orders] as much as [s/he] wants,” Judge Riojas saidU (costing an attorney-represented defendant thousands of dollars a pop and his or her accuser nothing; application is…

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