How to Reform Corrupt “Abuse” Laws: VOTE THEIR SUPPORTERS OUT

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

Various ways to effect change present themselves to earnest, reasonable, civic-minded people who’ve been savaged by abuses of family court, domestic violence, and/or restraining order procedures but still expect sense to prevail over madness.

Here are some of those ways:

  • Start a petition (one started by the writer was censored by its host the moment his back was turned);
  • Attend “men’s rights” or “parents’ rights” meetings (both roundly mocked in the mainstream press);
  • Initiate a class action against the government (hugely expensive; little sustained interest);
  • Expose violations by writing about them on the Internet (also frequently subject to censorship);
  • Write to lawmakers and demand that they act (rarely answered).

They’re good thoughts all, but they don’t work. They don’t work. Victims of bad laws are demoralized, and they’re distrustful and should be. There is no solidarity base to tap nor is there a sympathetic audience in power. The…

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