A Response to Sandra Newman’s Claim That “False Rape Accusations Almost Never Have Serious Consequences”

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

“Critics argue that reports of rape should be treated with more caution, since men’s lives are so often ruined by women’s malicious lies.

“But my research—including academic studies, journalistic accounts, and cases recorded in the US National Registry of Exonerations—suggests that every part of this narrative is wrong.”

—Sandra Newman, Quartz (May 11, 2017)

The quoted article is titled, “What kind of person makes false rape accusations?” It’s URL slug, in contrast, is “the-truth-about-false-rape-accusations.” Plain from article’s slant is that its author wasn’t motivated to discover what kind of monster makes false rape accusations but rather to vindicate her conviction that false rape accusations, and false accusations generally, aren’t significant.

Having grudgingly waded through slurries of feminist rhetoric over the past decade, I’m led to conclude that the failings of feminists’ reasoning owe less to a shortage of intellect than to a willful failure of imagination.

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