Another Instance of a Restraining Order against a Woman Petitioned by a Man She Allegedly Talked ABOUT

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

Traffic was directed to this site Friday from another one intriguingly called I followed the link. It led me to a 2016 complaint posted by Arizonan James Cukr, who says a woman has been making “false and untrue” statements about him “on every social media outlet available to her,” and that he’s sworn out a restraining order against her, which he includes in his complaint.

I had intended to leave reportage of my own case topmost while I rebuilt this blog. I’m led to comment on the Scam Board post, though, because it relates.

To see how, first consider Mr. Cukr’s “restraining order,” which is a public document:

Look at the case number: DV20160965. The prefix “DV” stands for “domestic violence.” In other words, in an affidavit given under penalty of perjury to the Superior Court of Arizona, Mr. Cukr alleged domestic violence…

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