Sevier County, TN

Bio: I'm as surprised as anyone who knew me before that this is what I'm doing now - helping men & women who've been falsely accused. I always thought I was here to help animals but I was thrown into this by my ex-roommate Edward "Ned" Bernard Lines, whom I lived with for 22 years. Ned had filed an order of protection against me, based on lies, because I refused to sign over my half of the house we built together to him by QuitClaim Deed. Ned had high hopes of getting the entire house, my money that I had worked for and MY dog from me by playing a victim and having me served with an order of protection. Ned had planned this with his "special friend" for at least a few weeks before they put it into action and thought that was going to be the answer Ned was looking for to take everything from me - with the help of Sevier County, TN. Turns out there is a such a thing as Karma and everything backfired on him terribly and now I'm the one who's living the life I've always wanted and it couldn't have happened so perfectly any other way! I made this blog to make people aware of Order of Protections & restraining orders being taken out against innocent people based on FALSE allegations so a vindictive person can gain control - with the help of authorities. The false accusers are being allowed to walk away and pay NO consequences for swearing to lies to get these restraining orders and order of protections - they have nothing to lose! I was one of the lucky ones and the vindictive Order of Protection taken out against me was dismissed at court but many people aren’t as lucky as I was. This happens too much, yes, I know it's mainly done by women and it needs to stop! I know that in my case the judge didn't know me. Even though I talked to the magistrate the day BEFORE the order of protection was taken out against me & I told him what I heard Ned had planned for me. They didn't know that I might have super powers where I could cause him physical harm 4 1/2 miles away (we weren't even living in the same house at the time Ned filed his vindictive order of protection against me). SO they had no choice but to protect Ned from me. BUT when they found out this order of protection was based on lies that Ned swore to and that Ned Lines used Sevier County TN in a cunning and vindictive way to get me kicked out of my house - NED SHOULD HAVE HAD TO PAY SOME CONSEQUENCES INSTEAD OF BEING ALLOWED TO WALK AWAY LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!!!! I could careless that the jails are full, I'm tired of hearing that excuse, there are other ways to make people like this pay. Make them pay a few thousand dollars to Safe Space or another domestic violence charity, is one suggestion. And they should have to pay all legal fees and any other costs to the person the order was filed against from the day the order is placed to the court date. There should also be a registry to easily keep track of FALSE accusers. This is what I want changed! That's the only way people like Ned Lines and other women are going to stop making FALSE allegations to get these order of protections & restraining orders to gain control over an innocent person! They need to pay some kind of consequences for their lies. These laws were made for TRUE domestic violence victims. The courts should be ashamed for letting people use them like this! **Since November of 2014 I've been in contact with State Senators, District Attorneys, State Representatives and others in the State of Tennessee, who are able to get laws changed, about this problem. They all tell me they are aware of what is going on and most all of them agree that something needs to be done to false accusers who abuse the system. But STILL nothing has been done to this date.

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  2. I appreciate your courage to expose your abuser and your efforts to inform others about the injustice of false accusations and police reports, which sociopaths exploit to harm their targets.

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  3. I thank you also for all you have done. But that being said i also have to ask what exactly have you accomplished? I would dare to guess nothing is the obvious answer. I’m not demeaning your efforts but what I am saying is this…people who have been abused by the courts all have some things in common. They tend to be consumed with there case. Their lives suffer from their obsession and lack of direction. Everyone wants to talk me I and my rather than observe the issue as a whole. There is no organized effort to effect any actual goal or specific result. Until victims of due process violations and procedural abuse form a common bond around a common goal nothing will change. If you want proof of this just scour the internet and find all the personal blogs and amateur web sites on these issues that lay dormant from years ago. We are the definition of insanity… how about try doing something different to get a different result ? Tough Love…. yours truly DL

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    • What I have accomplished, so far, is to get the way Order of Protections and Restraining Orders are handled in my area changed.
      I’m far from “consumed by my case”! But I do have to say what my accuser tried to do to me worked wonders in MY favor! Besides for only three short months I can’t say I suffered. My order of protection that my ex-roommate filed against me was the biggest gift I’ve ever received in disguise. If we would have ended things my way he’d be living in our big house right now with all our belongings. And I’d be working all the time or living with someone else I didn’t want to be with just to survive. All I wanted to do was leave him and I wanted NOTHING from him! But he had big plans of stealing everything I owned with the help of Sevier County TN. Needless to say his plan backfired on him terribly! I am now living in the EXACT house I had always wanted, I don’t have to work any more than I want to and I love the work I do! I still can’t believe how perfectly everything worked out for me, thanks to him!
      Also I’ve met some very good friends and interesting people by making my story public! That’s how you found me!
      A few of us have “organized” together to try to get the law changed. And I’ve personally helped several people get their restraining orders dropped before court or dismissed when they went to court. I feel that having someone to talk to and know they have someone on their side makes them want to fight more for their rights!
      Plus all you have to do is post something once and it’s on the internet forever, not much effort in that!

      I haven’t read my “about” page in over a year! Guess I need to update it a bit!

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  4. How did things change? I certainly meant in general, people don’t get results but if you have that’s wonderful. What were the changes In the way PO’s are handled In your area for everyone’s benefit.

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    • accidental pressed post…. continued.

      I was going off the last sentence of your post ((…still nothing has changed) Any actual effect is a good one. In my case the reverse and remand by the appeals court finding the PO against me void by its uling also found tens of thousands of other PO cases void. The District Attorney and lower courts had to stop granting the PO’s in the same manner and provide more notice but… so far very few people if anyone even knows they can vacate their Void judgments. Working on it… to be continued.

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      • I STILL want the law changed to hold FALSE accusers accountable for filing false restraining orders and order of protections to gain control. My order of protection was dismissed the day I went to court but I know too many people who aren’t as lucky as I was and it still makes me angry when I hear these people’s stories.

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  5. Change takes time and diligent, never ending effort. Betty, you have done wonders in such a short period of time. TN is back asswards as are other poverty states that use DV Federal funding in order to supplement their economic revenue. The jails are full there because of this source of manipulated revenue, just like in AL, GA, TX, NM, MS, LA and KY.

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  6. I can vouch for you Betty. I thank God I found you. It was your words and strength that kept me from losing it. After many sleepless nights from being distraught over how someone I once loved could falsely accuse me of domestic violence my tpo was DISMISSED!!! I’m taking your advice and fighting back. Her lies have cost me thousands of hard earned dollars and I want restitution. Thanks for your letter and talking to my attorney. I’ll find out what the next step is this week or next then I’ll let you post my tpo.
    Thanks for all your help and kindness, Kevin Crais

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