A Restraining Order Plot Twist That Fans of Novelist Gillian Flynn Will Appreciate

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

cattymaliceThe previous post concerned the interpersonal and legal travails of a blogger who brought her story to my attention last week.

Jenny has twice been served (this month) with restraining orders alleging “domestic violence” that were petitioned by an ex-boyfriend with whose son she had formed a parental attachment.

The “man” resents her talking about him online and has sought to hurt her by falsely representing her as violent. After his first complaint was dismissed, he promptly petitioned a second order alleging Jenny had a gun and mandating that she attend a 52-week “Batterer Intervention Program.”

Because he could.

Intermediately, Jenny has been attacked online by an anonymous heckler-cum-terrorist:

My suspicion was that her ex was playing ventriloquist and writing in different idioms to give the effect that more than one person was outraged by Jenny’s blog (like anyone else could care).


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